Audio-Visual as a Service

In the past AV equipment would be purchased outright and integrated into a new or existing system,  with Audio-Visual-as-a-Service (AVaaS), a new Operating Expenses (OpEx) based financing model of accessing Audio-Visual enhancements is made possible. 

Traditional AV vs. AV-as-a-Service

Traditional AV

  • Users purchase the hardware upfront and then install it onto their existing or new AV system.

  • Risk of annual capex boom and bust cycle


  • Eliminates concerns of technology not meeting your current workspace needs.

  • Budget contention for funding allocation.

  • Focus on asset value and depreciation cycle limits.

Defining your space

Identify working spaces and match them with the desired user outcomes. For example, Team Collaboration area should have communication configurations with expandable spaces. 

Match outcomes with users and support


Choose the level of functionality, user experience and support for each of your spaces.

We take care of the technology and functionality,

so you can focus on your business.

You define the exact service that you need for

your facility or space over a set period of time.







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